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Window finishing on solid castings of autos and/or boats

Wed 19 Sep 2005

I am finishing a small model of a work Tug boat from, “Model Tech Studios”. The kit contains solid resin castings of a hull, cabin and deckhouse. The model looks good and is perfect for a scene on my Knowlton & Northley HOn30 RR.

I am not happy with my efforts to make solid blank windows look like windows. I have made models of trucks and autos from solid castings before, but the castings were clear or at least opaque and looked OK.

Any suggestions on a finisning or painting technique would be appreciated.


I’ve always painted the windows on solid resin cars sapphire blue, to look like reflections of the sky.

For a boat, you might try a gloss blue green to look like reflected water.

It might help to paint a layer of high gloss clear over the windows, after they’re painted their basic color.

Anything to add reflection and depth. Maybe even a layer of that goo you stretch over window casting to make ‘glass’. Try it.


If you’re looking down on the model, you could try a black or dark blue, with Tamiya Smoke painted over that. Walther’s used to show the windows on their truck kits with 2 tone windows.

Most of the time, the pilot house may be dark, so a dark color may be the trick.


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