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The SEEP point motor

From Mike Beard

The SEEP point motor is a twin coil impulse point motor just like the Peco one, or even Hornby if it is cheaper.
When you apply AC or DC to the coil it is a real short circuit so I’d incorporate a small value but high wattage resistor in series or if you derive your DC from the same transformer as your AC the voltage will sit down and the trains stop when you press the “Uncouple” button. I’d use a separate transformer to supply the uncoupling needs.

Uncoupler Device-Electric.

If you look at the picture you’ll see it has a pin running in a hole. This is to stop the pin, and hence the uncoupler, turning. Nothing in the photograph could not be fabricated from a Peco point coil and sheet plastic. One additional point and that is the moving ferrous piece in the coil should be soft iron, not steel, or it will become magnetised which may or may not cause a problem.

([ED] Please note that this is not the same as the Gaugemaster N scale uncoupler)

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