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The Roving Reporter Car

From Mick Thornton, 19 Sep 2011

Provenance: Well it started off and of course still is, a fairly primitive “weekend bash project” that was one of those ideas to use up some bits from the spares box fired by a suitable inspiration. In this case the inspiration was the late Reinier Hendriksen who made a similar little inspection car and a couple of slightly larger railcars along the same sort of design which were published in two articles in the News around 10 years or so ago.

Even though my model has quite a lot of very rough bits, which both of you expert modellers would quickly notice, I was actually quite pleased with the overall “feel” of the model and started to take it along with me to events that I was taking photos at for 009 News. Some wit connected it with the Roving Reporter and henceforth it became known as the Roving Reporter’s Inspection Railcar. Before long it had become quite the thing to have a photo recorded of the railcar visiting various 009 layouts and as everyone now knows of course, a layout cannot really claim to have “arrived” onto the scene unless there is photographic evidence that it has been “visited”! Well some people seem to believe that anyway!

Construction: I’ve enclosed a few snaps that I took during the build – as you can see it is very simple really. Arnold köf with the body suitably filed down and kept on the chassis as it supplies weight and stops the chassis/motor falling to bits! The radiator is from the Peco/Merit Maudslay bus plastic kit, which supplies the body parts for my Irish style railcars that have been described in 009 News. Bonnet is built around this from pieces of plasticard – all 20thou if I remember with laminated layers filed down to make the curved bonned top etc. Headlights are from the kit with a couple of craft shop jewellery “brilliants” glued on.

The bus body is made from parts from a Dundas coach. I’m afraid I don’t know which kit as I got these parts from one of Brian’s 009 Sales 20p rummage trays. [#DM63 – Ed.note.] There is a false floor inside that accomodates the upper halves of a driver, the roving reporter himself and the accompanying General Manager of whatever line he is visiting. Roof is a couple of bits of laminated plasticard filed down to show the curved sides and ends with two strips of plastic on top of that. Regrettably the filing reduced the size of the roof to “undersize” and really I should get around to replacing it – but you know the problems with finding time to spare on an “already completed and in service” item!

That’s about it really. Hope this answers your query. There’s several more photos of the little car on other layouts in the reports on my blogsite at:





Best wishes

Contents © Mick Thornton, published with permission.

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