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Staining wood, by Dave Frary

From Dave Frary, 2 Mar 2011

I never stain raw wood because the results are unpredictable.

I age the wood by scribing or scraping and then prime it either with Foundation or gray auto primer. When the primer is dry I lightly rescribe the wood.

Next I brush on a thin wash made from lamp black and mineral spirits (the oil base keeps the wood from warping). This darkens the wood slightly and creates dark age lines in the shadows.

After the stain dries I finish the coloring by dry brushing on and old wood color made from acrylic white, raw umber and a little raw sienna.

The secret to my method is to practice on wood scraps until you find the combination of colors and textures that work for you.

Have fun,
Dave Frary
Blue Ribbon Models – Trackside Modeler
P.O. Box 1234, Forestdale, MA 02644

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