Sales and wanted lists

Terms for the Sales and Wanted Lists

The Members Sales and Wanted Lists is a free service to members of the HOn30 Mail Car mailing list that run a small shop or have a larger collection for sale, and do not have the opportunity to create a personal web page. If you are seeking for out of production items this service can also be used.

Both sellers and buyers must accept that the owner of this site is not responsible for anything regarding the sales – including typographic errors, warranties, payment, shipping, contact information, divorces and anything else you can think of.

After a sales list is posted, stock and availability will be updated when time permits, and may not reflect the current situation.

Contact information will be added to the lists in several ways, usually as obfuscated email addresses to avoid spam. Permanent sales lists may have a dedicated contact form. The general contact form should not be used; questions regarding sales thru the general contact form will probably not be answered.

If you want anything posted, please send me an email. If you follow the list you will know my address..

The sales and wanted lists can be found here.