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Precision Scale parts

From Mark Rollins
Wed, 08 Oct 1997

I have compiled a list of Precision Scale parts (mostly Shay, other NG interest), including price (if not listed in Walther$) and availability;
(N/A = not available, at least currently).

I’m sure you’ll agree that it would be great if PS re-released some of the Shay kits. Note that there will be an update to this, as although
the Casey Jones Railbus kit is not available, some (all?) of the parts are.

Precision Scale
P.O. Box 288
Stevensville, MT 59870
FAX 406-777-5074
Can also order thru Train & Trooper

HO-3224      air tank 8' 6" Shay
HO-31836     bell W. Maryland Shay
HO-31835     blower pipe W. Maryland Shay
HO-3102      blow-off cock valve, Shay
HO-3223      box, tool, Shay
HO-3221      box, sand, rear, Shay
HO-31834     box, sand, rear, W. Maryland Shay
HO-31921     box, sand, rear, Westside #14 Shay
HO-3101      brake cylinder, steam jamb, Shay
HO-3233      brake cylinder, Westside Shay
HO-3001      brake beam w/shoes, Shay
HO-3002      brake beam w/shoes, HOn3 Shay
HO-3094      brake controls steam/air, Shay
HO-3130      check valve, flanged packing gland, Shay
HO-3412      check valve, Westside, Shay
HO-31851     check valve, W. Maryland Shay
HO-31931     check valve, boiler, Westside #12 Shay
HO-31442     check valve, Westside #14 Shay
HO-3132      coupler, link & pin, Shay
HO-31860     deck & boiler braces, W. Maryland Shay
HO-31897     engine, 2-cylinder, Class A Shay (attn. Brick Price!!)
HO-3250      engine cylinders, 12" X 15", Shay (N/A)
HO-31852     engine cylinder heads, Pacific Shay
HO-31889     engine crankshaft, W. Maryland Shay
HO-31853     engine crosshead guides, W. Maryland Shay
HO-31847     firebox, W. Maryland Shay
HO-31848     firebox ashpan doors, W. Maryland Shay
HO-3222      hatch, water, Shay
HO-31922     hatch, oil, Shay
HO-3234      hatch, roof, Shay
HO-31920     headlight, Westside #12 Shay
HO-31919     headlight, Westside #14 Shay
HO-3122      headlight, bracket, back-up Westside Shay
HO-3448      journal box lineshaft retainer, Shay
HO-3286      lubricator, Manzell, Shay
HO-31842     pilot beam, front, WM Shay
HO-31843     pilot beam, rear, WM Shay
HO-3241      pilot beam, front & rear, Westside HO/HOn3 Shay (N/A)
HO-31854     pilot beam braces , WM Shay
HO-31846     plumbing, engine oil for W. Maryland Shay
HO-3129      plumbing, steam, packing gland, Shay
HO-31858     plumbing, steam, lower steam pipe, WM Shay
HO-31861     plumbing, upper steam line bracket, WM Shay
HO-31845     plumbing, steam, exhaust pipe, WM Shay
HO-31850     pop valves on plumbing, WM Shay
HO-31859     power reverse bracket, WM Shay
HO-3285      reverse lever, 50-70 ton Shay
HO-31857     sander valves, W. Maryland Shay
HO-3125      steps, Shay
HO-3656      tender, etched brass, Shay (N/A)
HO-3284      turret, 4-valve, steam, 50-70 ton Shay
HO-10618     HO 20 ton wood Shay kit (N/A)
HOn3-10620   HOn3 20 ton wood Shay kit (N/A)
HO-10622     HO 20 ton wood/coal Shay kit (N/A)
HOn3-10624   HOn3 20 ton wood/coal Shay kit (N/A)
HO-10626     HO 22 ton oil Shay kit (N/A)
HOn3-10628   HOn3 22 ton oil Shay kit  (N/A)
HO-10630     HO 22 ton wood Shay kit (N/A)
HOn3-10632   HOn3 22 ton wood Shay kit (N/A)
PK-10028     HOn3 Mich-Cal Shay kit (N/A)
PSHO-3719    cab interior detail kit, Class B Shay      $34.00
PSHO-3786    cab interior detail kit, wood/coal burning Climax $22.75
PSHO-3787    cab interior detail kit, oil-burning Climax     $28.50
3732         cab interior details, #7 Westside Shay (N/A)
3733         superstructure details, #7 Westside Shay (N/A)
3734         cab interior details, #12 Westside Shay (N/A)
3735         superstructure details, #12 Westside Shay (N/A)
3736         cab interior details, #15 Westside Shay (N/A)
3737         superstructure details, #15 Westside Shay (N/A)
3753         cab interior details, 50-70 ton oil Shay (N/A)
3754         cab interior details, 18-20 ton wood/coal Shay (N/A)
3755         cab interior details, 26 ton wood HOn3 3-cyl Shay (N/A)
3756         cab/superstructure details, 26 t wood HOn3 3-cyl Shay (N/A)
3762         cab interior details, 24 t wood HOn3 2-cyl Shay (N/A)
3763         cab/superstructure details, 24 t wood HOn3 2-cyl Shay (N/A)
3800         non-powered Casey Jones Railbus (N/A)
PK-10034     HOn3 railbus kit (N/A)
HO-10900     inspection car, powered     $67.50 (kind of an open Fordtouring sedan from the 1920s)
HO-10910     inspection car, static (N/A)

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