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A 0-6-6-0 Mallet »

From Peter Bartlett:

0-6-6-0 Mallet, by Peter Bartlett

0-6-6-0 Mallet, by Peter Bartlett

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Thatcher’s Inlet »

This is a copy of the story of the Thatcher’s Inlet, built by Bob Hayden and photographed by Dave Frary. Originally published in RMC in 1972, published with permission from Dave Frary. Read on…

3D printing challenges explained »

From: Mark in Denver

Rough example in ABS, showing emphasized artifacts, not from ShapewaysBelow paragraph on the process from the Shapeways website.

As you can see the process is involved (not quite as intense as some other ways but still a few steps). The material is acrylic plastic, if you use Plastruct or Pro Weld with a light coating over flat areas and such you should be good for “knocking down” or melting top ridge lines. Read on…

T&T SRRL No 24, Disassembly and installation of a DCC decoder »

From Peter Smith

Initial ImpressionsSRRL No 24
This brass loco is made by Art Hobbies Inc in Korea. Everything about it is superb and it is beautifully finished in SRRL black with a Tuscan red cab roof. Read on…

Building a Lister based on the Kato Portram truck »

The Kato Portram truck is an interesting little bogie for small critter projects. Recently I stumbled upon a white metal Lister kit from the UK made especially for this little creature.
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Assembling an Egger Bahn 101 Diesel locomotive »

A box containing lots of nicely sorted bags with various parts arrived recently, this was supposed to assemble into an Egger Bahn 101 Diesel locomotive.
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Mack 15 ton loco project »

The Jordan kit #302 is a tempting project, but so far I have not found any chassis that will fit.

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