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More Mavis

From Charles Hansen, 16 Jul 2004

The body on all my critters is a simple press fit and this shows how I build up the chassis with styrene strip for this.

I believe I used a winterization hatch for the front of the hood, with the radiator screen in place. It was a bit higher and wider than the Mavis hood, so I used putty to bulk out the existing “corrugation” on Mavis.

I like the CN style exhaust, although it’s no doubt overblown for a small critter like this. There’s a bit of chain laying on the walkway. Cab steps were added. I didn’t bother grinding off the cast-on grabs and replacing them with wire. I suppose I should add a piece of thread going to the cab as a bell-pull.

The headlights are on the large side and I may replace them at some point. I forget who makes the footboards, but I like them and used them on most if not all of my critter conversions.

There’s no justification for the large tanks on the right side, but I thought they helped funkify the engine.


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