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HOn30 Co-op-Forney Kit-Pt. 1a

From John S.
Sun, 18 Aug 1996

Here’s my two cents on what I’ve done with Brick’s Forney kit so far….

I assembled the cab and tender pretty much ‘stock’ – fitting in the tender was a bit tricky… next time I might think about soldering the roof on before the tender. I not sure if that makes any difference or not, but at one point I was thinking that doing it in that order would make the cab a bit more rigid sooner and make adding the tender a little bit easier. As I think about it know I’m not sure…

I started with the running boards that came with the kit, but decided I didn’t like the way they fit on the bachman’s stock ones ( too high), and took them off. I’m now using a pair of extra running boards from the diesel kit (they’re wider), and bits of shim brass to help hold them to the cab.

Instead of the 0-4-0 chassis, I used a docksider one because it has a nice tab at the back. I soldered a brass bar across the inside of the cab about even with the cab doors, and will drill and tap it for 00-90 screws to hold the chassis to the cab.

I thought about turning a new boiler from tube, but decided to use the bachmann 0-4-0 boiler anyway. I ground it down a bit on the inside back to give a bit of extra clearance for the motor. I’m not going to use the plastic part of the boiler but am going to just butt the cast boiler up against the cab front and fill in the gaps with putty. I made a support for the front of the running boards from bits of sheet brass and sq stock ground down into small Uchannel and drilled for the screw that holds the boiler to the chassis. The new bachmann chassis isn’t all metal so as long as you’re carefull about what touches what, you shouldn’t have shorts.

Later, I’m say more when I get more done ( I’ve done with the cab and tender, rear truck and am working on those running boards and the boiler…

John Sh.

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