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Finishing shingles »

From Ken Lunders Method #1 First, spray all the sheets with Tamiya gray primer. After it is completely dry, using a 1/4″ wide wash brush (Wash brushes usually have “wash” printed on the handle) randomly paint/streak Floquil Roof Brown on each sheet until about 70% to 80% of the primer is covered. Be careful not […]

Staining wood, by Dave Frary »

From Dave Frary, 2 Mar 2011 I never stain raw wood because the results are unpredictable. I age the wood by scribing or scraping and then prime it either with Foundation or gray auto primer. When the primer is dry I lightly rescribe the wood.

Wood staining trouble »

From Jason, 2.Mar.2010 “I just tried staining a sheet of Northeastern scribed wood, and irregular darker shades developed crosswise to the wood and scribing (and my brush strokes). The recepie has worked without trouble before, alcohol based wood stain thinned with alcohol approximately 50/50.” – Jorgen

Staining wood »

Staining wood is a method to either get the look of another sort of wood or aged wood.