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New passenger cars from Railway Recollections »

Prototype photo of some interesting new freelance passenger cars from Railway Recollections. No release date yet, but please contact Barry for updates.

Converting Atlas’s 70 ton ore cars into Hon30 ore cars »

From Al Sandrini 15 June 2000 I have converted several of Atlas’s 70 ton ore cars into Hon30 ore cars. It was a simple conversion, and I think that I may have posted it on list before, but if not, here goes: I purchased 12 of the Atlas 70 ton, drop bottom ore cars. I […]

Disconnect Log Cars »

From Professor Klyzlr. Model disconnected log cars have been produced in many scales and gauges for years now, but I have seen nary a one in HOn2.5. Thus, when the request came from a modelling friend to see disconnect log trains running on his logging exhibition layout, the challenge was too great to resist.

Basic Dimensions of Maine 2ft Passenger Cars »

By Jeff Schumaker, 22-Dec-1999.

Box Car Kits – F&C »

From Gerry Hopkins Mon, 12 Jan 1998 F&C Box Car Kits (2 cars per box) I put these cars together as per the instructions with the slight variation of mounting the trucks (KD archbar trucks with low profile wheels) and fitting KD 1027 couplers. The method of mounting the trucks is the same as for […]

Box Car Kits – Chris Cardinal »

From Gerry Hopkins Mon, 12 Jan 1998 Long over due – but hopefully – better late then never! Chris Cardinal Box Car Kit. Before building the kit you have to decide wether you want a HOn2 or HOn30 boxcar. If you want HOn2 then follow the instruction for building the box. You will need to […]

Kennebunk Models snowplow kit »

From Bob Hayden Fri, 10 Oct 1997 Hi Gang, Thought I’d add something new to the discussion with a short report on a new kit I just built and put into service. This is Kennebunk Models’ Kit No. KSMP-514, available from Train & Trooper, which is where I got mine. Price is $29.95; see the […]