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Mack 15 ton loco project »

The Jordan kit #302 is a tempting project, but so far I have not found any chassis that will fit.

The Roving Reporter Car »

From Mick Thornton, 19 Sep 2011 Provenance: Well it started off and of course still is, a fairly primitive “weekend bash project” that was one of those ideas to use up some bits from the spares box fired by a suitable inspiration. In this case the inspiration was the late Reinier Hendriksen who made a […]

Converting the BCH Minitrains Plymouth to DCC »

Described here is how I converted a BCH Plymouth to DCC. The goal was to avoid drilling and milling, and still keep the shell and chassis as separate parts without any disturbing wires between the lamp circuit in the ceiling and the chassis.

Heavy power for the Carrabassett »

From Bob Hayden and Dave Frary Instructions for building the original C&DR diesel, originally published in RMC in 1972 – published with permission from Dave Frary, please do not make copies for commercial purposes. “Diesel power for an HOn30″ railroad is easily kitbashed from a Minitrix N scale Fairbanks-Morse H12-44 unit.” Read on here…

I cannot get my pinion/worm gear off the axle »

Many questions arise when pinions are to be moved from one motor to another, or when adding a new pinion. Gears are usually press fit from the factory, not glued. Here are a few guidelines;

Slowing Down Nigel Lawton’s Bachman Remotoring Kits »

From Matt Coleman, 13 Nov 2005 A few weeks ago there was a discussion about whether or not you could slow down the speed of the Bachman 0-4-0T with Nigel’s improved motor conversion kit. Nigel had suggested that someone try with various resistors to see what works.

Adding Couplers to Roco’s new 0-6-0’s with Tender »

From Al Hi Guys, I have been asked seveal time, what coupler do you use on the new Roco 0-6-0’s with tender. I was told by someone that the 1128, 1129 or 1130 couplers will work… with the 1128, being the shortest; the 1129 a medius and the longest would be the 1130. THEY DON’T […]