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L.G.Thek 9mm mechanism, first impressions »

This seems to be an enlarged (!) version of the L.G.Thek Brassworks Z scale ZL01S.E. SW-00 diesel switcher mechanism by Lajos.

Revitalizing an old 0-4-0 Bachmann mechanism »

One of the most common problems with the 0-4-0 is the split gears that cause binding and wobbling.

R.E. Sloan etchings »

Listed below are a couple of my Sloan etchings in their original condition.

A 0-6-6-0 Mallet »

From Peter Bartlett:

T&T SRRL No 24, Disassembly and installation of a DCC decoder »

From Peter Smith Initial Impressions This brass loco is made by Art Hobbies Inc in Korea. Everything about it is superb and it is beautifully finished in SRRL black with a Tuscan red cab roof.

Building a Lister based on the Kato Portram truck »

The Kato Portram truck is an interesting little bogie for small critter projects. Recently I stumbled upon a white metal Lister kit from the UK made especially for this little creature.

Assembling an Egger Bahn 101 Diesel locomotive »

A box containing lots of nicely sorted bags with various parts arrived recently, this was supposed to assemble into an Egger Bahn 101 Diesel locomotive.