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3D printing challenges explained »

From: Mark in Denver Below paragraph on the process from the Shapeways website. As you can see the process is involved (not quite as intense as some other ways but still a few steps). The material is acrylic plastic, if you use Plastruct or Pro Weld with a light coating over flat areas and such […]

Track FAQ »

The following list of HOn30/HOe track manufactures was provided by the HOn30 Mail Car members. The information provided may not be correct. If you have additional information, comments, etc please post them to the HOn30 Mail Car. Thanks to Al for the update 16.nov.2010

I cannot get my pinion/worm gear off the axle »

Many questions arise when pinions are to be moved from one motor to another, or when adding a new pinion. Gears are usually press fit from the factory, not glued. Here are a few guidelines;

Grandt Line Trucks FAQ »

Compiled by Vic Hamburger – last update 20-Jun-2001 Checked by Jim Pasquill I downloaded all the archives from the Mailcar and went through them with an editor to find references to Grandt Line HOn30 trucks, NWSL wheelsets, and related sidebar comments when appropriate. If I have missed any major postings, please accept my apologies as […]

What is the proper weight for a HOn30 car? »

This has been discussed from various angles, but the consensus seems to be that follwing a compromise from the NMRA standards only works for heavier diesels.