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Bachman 6-wheeler project

From Mark Rollins
Wed, 09 Oct 1996

Just started a small, easy-to-do project to construct a free-lance HOn30 industrial loco. Will post summary and photos on WWW ( page when done.
I’ve left out some detail, like lubeing mechanism and source of other detail pieces.

  1. start with Bachman 6-wheel N gauge industrial loco
  2. sand/trip/scrape off most N detail, such as front railings, light and coupler lift bars
  3. build cab from Chris Cardinale’s HOn30 Forney cab kit (available @ Train & Trooper), modify to fit Bachman (does not need coal bunker!)
  4. add other details, such as bell, muffler, air tank, horn, new headlight, railings, etc.
  5. install constant light circuit
  6. add couplers of choice and paint

FYI, I’m almost done with #4 right now, and it’s only taken about 3 man-hours.

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