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The Gapmaster HOn30 rail gapping device »

Tired of derailments at electrical gaps in your trackwork?

NWSL Joe Works gears available again »

The regearing sets 1077-6 and 1078-6 gears are again available – good news for JW owners.

World Kougei Porter Saddle Tank kit #140 instructions »

Instructions translated to English by Yoshiya Kobayashi – thanks!

Brick Price kits available again »

At least a limited number – please follow the link below for an update and pictures of all the conversions: BRASS HOn30 CONVERSION KITS by BRICK PRICE

L.G.Thek 9mm mechanism, first impressions »

This seems to be an enlarged (!) version of the L.G.Thek Brassworks Z scale ZL01S.E. SW-00 diesel switcher mechanism by Lajos.

Revitalizing an old 0-4-0 Bachmann mechanism »

One of the most common problems with the 0-4-0 is the split gears that cause binding and wobbling.

R.E. Sloan etchings »

Listed below are a couple of my Sloan etchings in their original condition.