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A 0-6-6-0 Mallet »

From Peter Bartlett:

HOn30 Sales list from Harry Downey »

3D printing challenges explained »

From: Mark in Denver Below paragraph on the process from the Shapeways website. As you can see the process is involved (not quite as intense as some other ways but still a few steps). The material is acrylic plastic, if you use Plastruct or Pro Weld with a light coating over flat areas and such […]

T&T SRRL No 24, Disassembly and installation of a DCC decoder »

From Peter Smith Initial Impressions This brass loco is made by Art Hobbies Inc in Korea. Everything about it is superb and it is beautifully finished in SRRL black with a Tuscan red cab roof.

The Roving Reporter Car »

From Mick Thornton, 19 Sep 2011 Provenance: Well it started off and of course still is, a fairly primitive “weekend bash project” that was one of those ideas to use up some bits from the spares box fired by a suitable inspiration. In this case the inspiration was the late Reinier Hendriksen who made a […]

Finishing shingles »

From Ken Lunders Method #1 First, spray all the sheets with Tamiya gray primer. After it is completely dry, using a 1/4″ wide wash brush (Wash brushes usually have “wash” printed on the handle) randomly paint/streak Floquil Roof Brown on each sheet until about 70% to 80% of the primer is covered. Be careful not […]

Staining wood, by Dave Frary »

From Dave Frary, 2 Mar 2011 I never stain raw wood because the results are unpredictable. I age the wood by scribing or scraping and then prime it either with Foundation or gray auto primer. When the primer is dry I lightly rescribe the wood.