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All-Time Locomotive List Part One

Updated Jan. 4 /2002
Originally by Larry Rickert

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Part 1, U.S. Prototypes

All models listed here are at least approximately of North American prototype, and semi-commercial
products (that is, not one-of custom work). Note that information from the notes section of earlier editions of the page have been incorporated into the tables. Many conversions which list the Bachmann “docksider” will work as well or better with the 0-4-0 tender engine mechanism.

Entries are Out of Production unless marked IP (In Production).

AHM Minitrains

These were made by Mehanotechnika Izola and Roco under contract for AHM.
The Egger-Bahn locos from Part 2 were also sold under the AHM Minitrains label in this country.
Planned models of a Monson 0-4-4T and inside frame version of SR&RL #24 where never produced, despite appearing in the 1967 catalog. For the full story of these trains, see Bob Hayden’s Ramblings… on the Home Depot.

Additional note on the Minitrains cataloged #24: According to Andreas Schoenfeld “The original picture can be seen in the very rare 1967 news catalog by EggerBahn. The Egger company made one prototype model. It is made of brass, is not painted and still in virtually perfect condition. The model is privately owned by a collector who does not want his identity published.”

Plymouth diesel (RTR) 1966?

Baldwin 0-4-0ST N.S.S. & C. Co.(RTR) 1966?

ALCO Models (Australian Locomotive Company).

20 ton Climax. (Brass, RTR)

Alleghany Logging

Built up 0-6-0 version of Joe Works Porter. According to Bill Wiatroski, A.L. made a number of Joe Works built-ups, as well as some car kits.

Bill Wiatroski photo
0-6-0T (Brass, RTR) 1988

It appears there are variations from standard Joe Works, the Porter above was offered as an O-4-0T by JW, their 0-6-0T Porter had side rather than saddle tanks.

Backwoods Miniatures

Backwoods produces an extensive line of 009 kits, but the first model produced was HO and is no longer listed in their catalog.

Backwoods Miniatures
Ingesol-Rand oil-electric boxcab. (white metal and brass conversion kit for Bemo diesel chassis.) 1992

Brick Price

Note: The Brick Price Kits are etched brass conversion kits They are made to fit on
N-scale loco chassis. First issued in the early 1980′s, re-released starting in 1995 together with new models. Left the market again as of early 2000.
Plymouth Diesel 83, 96
Ford Rail Truck 83 (?)
Mack Rail Truck 83, 96
Mack Center Cab Diesel 83 (?)
Baldwin WWI Gas Switcher 83, 96
0-4-4T Forney 96
Trix 8 Wheel Diesel 84
Hawaiian Porter 2-4-0 W/ Tender 99
Frary/Hayden Diesel 98
Faux Shay/Dunkirk 99
Box cab diesel Announced but not produced.
Southern Plantation Loco Announced but not produced.

The Car Works

Imported brass models.
SR&RL #5 0-4-4 Forney (Brass) (RTR) 1994
SR&RL #6 0-4-4 Forney (Brass) (RTR) 1994
SR&RL #7 0-4-4 Forney (Brass) (RTR) 1994
SR&RL #23 2-6-2 Tender loco  (Brass) (RTR) 1998 (still available at some dealers).
SR&RL #8  2-4-4 Forney (Brass)(RTR)  2002  (Announced)
SR&RL #9  2-4-4 Forney (Brass)(RTR)  2002  (Announced)
WW&F #7  2-4-4 Forney (Brass)(RTR)  2002  (Announced)

Chivers Finelines

Etched brass and white metal kits (All IP)
General Electric 0-4-0 diesel 1979 (versions for Bachmann and Fairish chassis, adaptable to Kato Pocket Line chassis)
Baldwin (rear entry) 0-4-0ST conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider)
Baldwin (side entry) 0-4-0ST conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider)
Baldwin 0-4-2ST conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider)
Davenport 0-4-0ST conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider) 1998
Baldwin 2-6-2 Charlie’s Creek conversion kit (for the Bachmann 0-6-0) 1999 Similar design to SR&RL #24.
Forney 0-4-4T  (Brass/white metal conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider) 1998 Cab and tank are basically Baldwin design, similar to SR&RL #7, B&SR #s 5 and 6
Forney 2-4-4T  (Brass/white metal conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider) 2000 Two versions, the short version using the same cab/tank as the 0-4-4, and a long version similar to B&SR #7

Cliff Darrow

Resin and styrene conversion kit.

Photo by Cliff Darrow
Shay conversion for Green Max N chassis. 2001 IP

Colonial Model Railways

Colonial models sold kits produced by Chivers Finelines
Baldwin saddle tank 0-4-0 (Kit) (Brass/white metal) 1995

Cray Valley

Cray Valley offers built up versions of the Chivers and other kits. They produce their own outside frame drive for the Charlie’s Creek 2-6-2. (All IP)
Baldwin 2-6-2 (Outside Frame) (RTR) 1999
Baldwin 2-6-2 (inside frame) (RTR) 1999
Modern diesel, 0-6-0 (RTR)
Bo-Bo Diesel (RTR)
French diesel (RTR)
European Tank engine 0-4-0 (RTR)
Gas Mechanical (RTR)
Forney 0-4-4 (RTR) 2000
Forney 2-4-4 (RTR) 2000

Erie Limited Corp

Imported by Sunset.
Baldwin 1890 2-4-2T Saddle Tanker (Plastic & white metal kit) 1984

Flying Zoo (Sugiyama)

Flying Zoo was the marketing group for Sango and Joe Works kits. The 18 ton Climax was imported in two versions with different drives and details.
SR&RL  #10 2-4-4T (Sometimes advertised as B&SR #7). (Brass, RTR) 1984
18 ton Climax (Brass, RTR) 1984
25 Ton Climax (Brass, RTR)
“Baby” Shay (Brass, RTR) Probably the same as Joe Works.  1985
Mich-Cal #2 Shay (RTR) 1982
Baldwin “Dr. Dachs” 2-6-0 steam loco (Brass)(Kit) This is a revised version of the Sango kit. 1983
Small Mack Railcar (Brass RTR)

Kato (Plymouth) Diesel (Brass kit) Same as Joe Works 1983

David Hoffman

Etched/lost wax brass kit.
SR&RL Railbus (kit) 1995, 2002 (IP)


A limited production of 100 engines imported from Germany by Al Sandrini (the last “S”) of B&F Hobbies. Most production modles came factory painted black.

F&C #1 0-4-0 Tender engine (Brass, RTR) 2001

Joe Works

Joe Works kits were imported from Japan. The Miniland series are caricature models; all shared a common drive consisting of a small plastic frame with tiny wheels and an upright motor in the cab. The superstructures were etched and turned brass and cast white metal. These kits are attractive but not know for their running ability. The above comments do not hold for the Shay and Climax models, which are fine running brass and white metal models.

Joe Works existed long after the demise of the Miniland line, making high quality HOn30 equipment for the Japanese and European markets, but did not market in the U.S. Most equipment was marketed through Flying Zoo and Lambert.
Out of business in 2000.
Kiso Baldwin (Early Version) (Brass Kit, 1979).
13 ton ‘Baby’  Shay (Brass Kit) 1980
T-Boiler Shay (Brass kit) 1985
Mich-Cal #2 Shay (RTR) 1982
18 ton Climax (RTR) This is the same as the Flying Zoo model.

Double Truck Steeple cab electric (Brass kit) Marketed by Pro Custom Hobbies. I have seen the same engine as a diesel.
16 ton Steeple cab electric (brass kit) This model was occasionally listed as Hon30, but is usually only shown for HO/HOn3 so I’m not certain any HOn30 models were ever produced.
Kubiki DB81 DL (RTR Brass) This 4 wheel center cab diesel would make an excellent freelance U.S. industrial “Critter”.1994, 2000
Kiso Baldwin (Late version) (RTR)  The prototype is Japanese, but being built by Baldwin could be “Americanized” with relatively few changes. 1991
Kato 5 ton diesel (Brass – kit or RTR) This model is of a Japanese prototype, but is listed here because it is nearly identical to some smaller Plymouth industrial diesels. 1999, 2001 (IP)

Joe Works Miniland Series 1981
Porter 0-4-0T
Porter 0-6-0T
Porter 0-6-0
Baldwin 0-6-0
Small Forney 0-4-4T

Big Forney 2-4-4T

Joe Works Rio Grande Miniland Series 1981
C&S  #13 2-6-0
D&RGW C16 2-6-0
D&RGW C16 2-6-0 Bumblebee
SP 2-6-0

RGS 0-6-0T
DSP&P Mason Bogie 2-6-6T
Galloping Goose

Jonan Models

Limited run imports.

13 ton Shay Open Cab C.N.774 – (Brass RTR)
13 ton Baby Shay Closed Cab (Brass RTR)
14 ton Baby Heisler (Brass RTR)
25 ton Climax (Brass RTR) 1988
“Betsy” logging engine (Brass RTR)2000
Porter 0-4-2T(Brass RTR)2001
SP 50 GE diesel (Brass, kit) 2001

Kennebunk Models

These are resin kits; including cab, tank domes and some other details.(All IP)

Kennebunk Forneys, models and photo by Joel Brumm

Porter 0-4-0T resin conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider) 1999
Freelance railbus resin conversion kit 1999
Plymouth 0-4-0 diesel resin conversion kit 1999
Industrail Diesel 1 resin conversion kit 1999
Industrail Diesel 2 resin conversion kit 2000
0-4-4T Forney resin conversion kits (for the Bachmann docksider) 1999
Billerica & Bedford Ariel or Puck, Peep or F&M 1
SR#2, or F&M #1
SR&RL #6, KC#4, & WW&F #9
SR&RL 8 or B&H 6
WWF8, B&H3, or KC3
Enclosed wooden climax resin conversion kits, horizontal boiler (“Shakey”) and verticle boiler (“Hooter”) 2000


The Keystone Shay kit is designed for HOn3, but is a static model. It can be powered with a NWSL power kit, and an HOn30 version of that kit has been available.

Class ‘B’ Shay (Static white metal kit) 1979 IP

Lambert Associates

18 ton Climax – This is the Flying Zoo model.
Work Goose – HOn30 version of the HOn3 RGS work goose. 1982

Mark Rollins

Resin and styrene conversion kits. (All IP)

Class A Climax (resin conversion kit for Life Like SW1200) 1999
Fairmont Speeder (Conversion kit) 2000
Class A Shay (resin conversion kit for Life Like SW1200) (Announced)

Miniature World

This company advertised in the 1960s. They produced some brass arch bar trucks.

Despite the drawing of a Shay in their ads, they appear to have sold only the AHM, Egger-Bahn and possibly Peco OO9 locomotives.

Miniatures by Eric

Maker of lost wax parts for CN/CP diesels has branched out in 2001 with a loco and cars in cast resin for Hawiian sugar lines.(IP)

Baldwin 0-4-2T – Resin and lost wax brass conversion kit for Bachmann docksider. 2001

Miracle Castings

Note: As of Dec. 2000, these products are offered by a new company, Railway Recollections.

Doodlebug resin conversion kit 1999
Whitcomb diesel resin conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider) 1999

Mokei Imports

Tomix- Tomy Corp.

Disneyland 2-4-0, plastic, RTR  1982, re-released mid 1990s
Rio Grande

Locos are in red or green. Available separately or in sets packaged with three matching passenger cars. (Info by Josh Updike.)

Photo by Andreas Schoenfeld, courtesy ‘Big Al’ Sandrini

North West Shortline

Class B Dunkirk (RTR Brass) 1979

Portland Locomotive Works

Originally marketed by Chris Cardinal. The Cardinal version required more assembly than the current Portland version.

Hinkley or Portland Forney cab and tank resin conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider) 1998 (IP)

Precision Scale Co.

(Endo Co. Ltd.?)
Imported limited run brass locomotives.

Class A Shay (RTR Brass) 1983 Offered in both HOn3/HOn30.
#15242 Baldwin 0-4-2T (RTR) (Brass) 1983 Kiso logging loco (early version), two versions …different smoke stacks. With a different stack, this is close to engines used by the U.S. Gov. in construction, as well as various Sugar cane lines in Lousiana and elsewhere
Baldwin 2-6-2T (RTR Brass) 1983

Puffing Billy Models

Freelance 2-8-0 conversion kit for Bachmann drive 1985

Railway Recollections

Formed in 2000 to sell the former Miracle Castings line. (All IP)

Doodlebug resin conversion kit 1999
Whitcomb diesel resin conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider) 1999
Enclosed wood-sided climax resin conversion kit for LifeLike N SW1200 chassis (Announced)

R.E. Sloan

Etched brass kits, no castings. Line sold in 1988, the etchings are no longer available.

Baldwin 2-4-4T Forney conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider)
Portland or Hinkley 0-4-4T Forney conversion kit (for the Bachmann docksider)
SR&RL Baldwin 2-6-2 #24 conversion kit (for Bachmann 0-6-0)

Rocky Mountain Models

This company offered cast/etched metal conversions for N Scale and HOn2 1/2 steam.
The only picture of their narrow gauge products I have seen is C&DR #13, a 2-6-0 featured in some photos of the layout in Boston. According to Bob Hayden, the models appeared to be hand built. The company lasted at least from 1973-1975. Bob lists the following models as appearing in a 1975 catalog in his files.

Freelance 2-6-0
Forney 0-4-4.
Saddle Tank 0-4-0.
Four wheel trolley.


Note: Sango produced several versions of the “Dachs”. Most familiar, I imagine, would be the original “square motor” model seen as C&DR #’s 12 and 14. This version was imported by The Car Stop. The original was also offered as a side-tank 0-6-2T. A later release by Flying Zoo used a can motor and closed the cab rear doors. The later pilot was fixed rather than the pivoting arrangement of the original. The Dachs is similar in outline to the early Sandy River moguls, particularly the ex Laural Springs and Hot River loco called “Old Star”.

The Sango #18 has the same mechanism as the later “Dr.Dachs”. Sango also showed drawings for SR&RL #s 6, 9 and 24 in 1983. The latter three do not appear to have been produced.

The railbus is available again in 2000.

“Dr. Dachs”

Baldwin “Dr. Dachs” 0-6-2T steam loco (Brass) (Kit)
Baldwin “Dr. Dachs” 2-6-0 steam loco (Brass)(Kit)
SR&RL #18 2-6-2  steam loco (Brass)(Kit) 1982
SR&RL Railbus #4 (Brass kit)  1983,  (Announced)

Stoney Mountain Miniatures

These appear to consist of resin cabs on the original, unmodified N scale locomotives. As a result, all details OTHER than the cab (particularly including the stack, domes and headlight) were tiny and out of scale. Stoney Mountain appears to be out of business as of mid-2000.

Diesel Mining Engine 0-6-0 RTR conversion (of Bachmann N Plymouth) 1998
Steam Mining Engine 0-4-0ST RTR conversion (of Bachmann N docksider) 1998
Steam Mining Engine 0-6-0T RTR conversion (of Atlas 0-6-0) 1998
Steam Mining Engine 0-4-0T RTR conversion (of FLEISCHMANN 0-4-0) 1998

Tsugawa Youkou

RTR resin body equipment similar to the former Joe works line of small diesels. Imported by Train and Trooper in 2001. All IP

KATO 5t Diesel Engine
Kiso SAKAI Diesel Engine
Tateyama-sabo Diesel Engine

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