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My files are getting clogged from white metal / pewter

After some use, your needle files and cutting discs can get clogged from working with white metal which is an alloy of tin and lead.
“Diamond” files often work best. Also, adding some regular blackboard chalk or beeswax to the file or grinding wheel can help.
Several methods can be used to clean the files – best known is a file card, similar to a wire brush with very short wires. Another reported success is a piece of sheet brass about 1/16 thick pushed in line with the teeth of the file (across the file). It will remove even hard debris. The file teeth will create grooves in the brass and the brass will reach to the bottom of the teeth.
A more radical solution is a bath in battery acid, but follow all the precautions you can think of – this is dangerous stuff! Don’t try this at home..

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