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R.E. Sloan etchings »

Listed below are a couple of my Sloan etchings in their original condition.

Night scenes on the C&DR »

From RMC, December 1977.

A 0-6-6-0 Mallet »

From Peter Bartlett:

Thatcher’s Inlet »

This is a copy of the story of the Thatcher’s Inlet, built by Bob Hayden and photographed by Dave Frary. Originally published in RMC in 1972, published with permission from Dave Frary.

3D printing challenges explained »

From: Mark in Denver Below paragraph on the process from the Shapeways website. As you can see the process is involved (not quite as intense as some other ways but still a few steps). The material is acrylic plastic, if you use Plastruct or Pro Weld with a light coating over flat areas and such […]