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Adding Couplers to Roco’s new 0-6-0′s with Tender »

From Al Hi Guys, I have been asked seveal time, what coupler do you use on the new Roco 0-6-0′s with tender. I was told by someone that the 1128, 1129 or 1130 couplers will work… with the 1128, being the shortest; the 1129 a medius and the longest would be the 1130. THEY DON’T […]

Ideal Starting Locomotive(s) for HOn30? »

From various. Are there any locomotives that would be considered as an ideal starting point for someone wishing to enter the world of HOn30? So far, I have seen mostly kits/conversions that involve (in my experience) rather touchy mechanisms like Bachmann 0-4-0 and MDT models. Are Fleischmann 0-4-0 mechanisms worth looking at?

Disassembling an AHM 0-4-0 Baldwin »

From various I am sure to some of you this is a dumb question, but I would rather be careful. I have an old AHM 0-4-0 Baldwin that I want to take apart. Is the body clipped on or do the screws hold it on? Has anyone ever tried mounting the body on the Life-Like […]

Window finishing on solid castings of autos and/or boats »

Wed 19 Sep 2005 I am finishing a small model of a work Tug boat from, “Model Tech Studios”. The kit contains solid resin castings of a hull, cabin and deckhouse. The model looks good and is perfect for a scene on my Knowlton & Northley HOn30 RR. I am not happy with my efforts […]