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Brick’s Forney (getting started) »

From Kathleen Breidenbach, 26 Aug 1997 Since I just got started less than a year ago myself, I think I can answer this. I built my first Brick’s kit (the forney, probably not the best one to start with) a few months ago. It came out surprisingly well except: in cutting off one of the […]

Regauging a MDC Shay »

From Tobias Giles Tue, 19 Aug 1997 >I am interested to learn if anyone has modified an MDC (Roundhouse) >2-truck, 3 foot Shay to run on HOn30″ gauge. > >If so, I would be very interested in any specific modifications that >need to be performed to make this work. I have researched this and it […]

Resistance Soldering 1 »

From various sorces, Tue, 26 Aug 1997 Found this stuff, hope it helps someone, not edited Reg Barron

Scratchbuilding a Shay (NWSL/Keystone/MDC) »

From Siles Bazerman, 10-Aug-97 Part I These are notes on scratch building a Shay, and are not intended to be step by step instructions. They presuppose that you have a background in scratch building as this in definitely not a beginners project, just as modifying the Keystone Locomotive Works Shay to take the NWSL power […]

C&DR No. 31 »

From Bob Hayden Thu, 7 Aug 1997 >Maybe Bob could tell us about #31 when he gets back from Oz. I don’t >remember seeing it before, and its provenance isn’t mentioned on the >HOn30 page. Looks like two hoods from the Grandt end cab diesel (or >Bachmann center-cab) with the cab from the Grandt box-cab […]